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Photo of Sergio Rubino

Photo of Sergio Rubino


1967 First exhibition, Capri

1969 Graduates from the Sorrento Institute of Art

1970 Graduates from the Naples Academy of Fine Art

1970-74 Teaches art in Anacapri

1974 Opens studio in Anacapri

1991 Opens studio in New York

1993 Launches Rubino's Art Village, Jeffersonville, NY

1996 Decorated as Commander of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic


Sergio Rubino was born in Anacapri on 22 October 1948.

After graduating from the Sorrento Institute of Art and the Naples Academy of Fine Art, Sergio Rubino embarked on a teaching career. Five years later he decided to devote himself entirely to his art, a passion nurtured since childhood and presaged by the astonishing success of his first exhibition at the age of 19.

His art has been exhibited across Europe, including Naples, Ferrara, Florence, Cologne, Stockholm, Paris and Munich. Some 350 articles have been published across the world about his work.

In 1991, Sergio Rubino moves to the USA to open a studio in Manhattan. Two years later, he launches Rubino's Art Village in Jeffersonville. He returns to Italy in 1995.

Sergio Rubino now lives and works in a small house in the heart of Anacapri. His fame is global but his spirit is local.

You can see examples of his work in our gallery pages, or browse through his personal photo album.

Image - Le Boffe, Anacapri